Latest News

25 Sep

The latest Pictello version includes some important features for Italian speakers.

18 Sep

We’re delighted to announce that Proloquo2Go and Proloquo4Text are updated and fully compatible with the new iOS 11. 

22 Jun

In September, the previous version of Pictello will no longer be compatible with Dropbox. To continue to make backups with Dropbox, users will need to update to version 3.3.

22 Jun

Today we released News-2-You 2.1, which includes several security improvements and new voices. Users with a full News-2-You account will need to update to version 2.1 as soon as possible, and re-login to their N2Y account.

13 Jun

When the automatic backup feature was introduced in Proloquo2Go 5.0 we noticed that it wasn’t meeting the requirements of some of our users. In order to solve this issue we talked with different groups of users to better understand their needs regarding backup and, based on their feedback, improved the backup feature.

18 May

All the benefits of reading and enhancing Tar Heel Reader stories in Pictello are now available for Spanish and French speakers.